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Feedback on drawings for the design of two locations for people living with severe mental and disabilities to better meet their needs.

Rehab and Special Needs School

For a new School for Special Needs children and an Ambulatory Rehab Center Studio dVO contributed to testing the schematic design and…

Rijndam Rehab

For the renovation of Rijndam Rehab Center Studio dVO contributed to the completion of vision statements and strategic goals, the…

Rijnlands Rehab Center

Consulting on implementing a healing environment for the renovation of Rijnlands.

Ipse de Bruggen

Quickscan revealing the needs of people with severe behavioral disorders

‘s Heeren Loo

Implementing a Healing Environment for five new projects for people living with severe disabilities. How can we meet their needs…

Corpus Vitae

Consulting on implementing a Healing Environment for a new physical therapy practice

BNA research

Expert at Community of practice Care