About Studio dVO


Studio dVO is a consulting and research firm specialized in the interaction between the built environment and people. Studio dVO works closely with architects, interior designers and healthcare organizations to improve health care environments through behavioral programming and multi method research.

Our mission is to improve the fit between healthcare settings and its users in order to enhance healing and wellbeing, to improve a healthcare organization’s clinical outcomes, economic performance, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Studio dVO works for clients who want to get the most out of their buildings. Clients represent hospitals, senior housing, schools, day-care centers, housing, architects and interior designers.

 Studio dVO is specialized in:

  • defining strategic objectives and design goals with client
  • supporting advice with research findings
  • developing a behavioral and functional program of requirements
  • reviewing schematic design from a user perspective
  • improving the outcome by changing the design process
  • translate vision and guiding principles into measurable outcomes