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Interview (in Dutch) with environmental psychologist Fiona de Vos

A pioneer in the field of environmental psychology is the best way to describe Fiona de Vos. Her interest began at an early age. Fiona was fascinated by “mismatches” between environments and people. While studying psychology, she immersed herself in the effects of the environment on people and vice versa. There was no real study path, so Fiona created it herself. She took courses at several universities with psychology and the built environment as common threads. Her main base of operations? City University of New York, the birthplace of environmental psychology. Fiona now teaches at the UvA Academy and has her own consulting firm. The path she has taken has also laid the foundation for the profession in the Netherlands. We talk to Fiona in the heart of Amsterdam, in Jan’s Garden. A quiet garden where the residents are the initiators.