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A bold vision is the prerequisite for a good building

Environmental psychology provides insight into how the environment affects people’s perception, experience, and behaviour. By translating these environmental psychology insights into vision and strategic goals, you can improve not only the performance of a building or environment, but also that of the organisation.

This way we create environments where people and organisations perform at their best. You can contact studio dVO for environmental psychology consultancy and research, as well as for training or presentations.


Advice on the experience and use of indoor and outdoor spaces that focuses on the needs and desires of users. In this way, we create environments that are not only more pleasant but also optimise the performance of buildings and organisations.


Environmental psychology research provides insight into end-user perceptions and the strengths and weaknesses of a design or building. We translate these research findings into vision, strategy, and programmes of desires and wishes.


As a pioneer in the field of environmental psychology and healing environments, Fiona de Vos has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she enjoys sharing. Fiona offers tailor-made lectures, workshops, training sessions and in-company training courses on a wide range of topics and environments.


We use our knowledge to optimise the performance of buildings and organisations

Environmental psychology applies wherever people are. That is why our field of work is so broad: from the experience of freedom in nature, to the very limited freedom of movement in prisons, or from the dwellings we call home, to anonymous, often alienating care facilities.

In addition to the wide variety of environments, environmental psychology can be applied in many ways: as a means of seeing how well an existing environment or building is working, as a means of scientifically underpinning visions and strategies, testing the different stages of the design process, or as an evaluation afterwards. But always with the same aim: to create an environment in which people can thrive.


Using environmental psychology to create a building that really suits people

I started Studio dVO in 1996 when I wanted to work with environmental psychology after my psychology studies, but it was still a completely unknown subject in the Netherlands. Now, almost 30 years later, fortunately things have changed a lot. More and more clients want to know how they can better adapt a building or an environment to the needs of its users. Or how they can use a building as an instrument to realise their visions when building or renovating.

Think of improving rehabilitation by humanising prisons or mental health facilities or speeding up the healing process by creating a healing environment. Studio dVO specialises in humanising environments by bringing environmental psychology expertise to the design or tender process. We do this from vision to project evaluation.


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